• An Image Of Tenant Scrutiny Group Chair Lauren Bromage

    Lauren Bromage


    I joined the group because as a tenant I want to make a difference to Saffron’s services and having previously worked for Saffron I have experienced both sides, and know that Saffron try their best but can sometimes get it wrong, so I want to help Saffron re-build the trust between them and tenants, and I want tenants to be happy and live in nice homes. I have been the Chair since 2019 and have a great group, we are all like-minded and dedicated in what we do, but still manage to have some fun too! 

  • Tenant Scrutiny Group Member Steve Hastings

    Steve Hastings

    Tenant Scrutiny Group Member

    I am now retired with a vast amount of corporate and international business experience which I found I can put to good use in helping Saffron develop and improve, both for the tenants and commercially, to make it more sustainable and fit for the future.


  • Image Of Fiona McGreggor And Winnie

    Fiona McGregor

    Tenant Scrutiny Group Member

    I got involved over 6 years ago with the previous Tenant Group after seeing an advert in Saffron’s newsletter. I was felt very lucky to be given a home with Saffron, and I like to give something back and help other tenants. I am registered blind but that doesn’t stop me from doing anything especially since I have had my guide dog Winnie in my life, who is 8 now. Winnie comes along to meetings and is loved by all of the group and staff. I also have been volunteering for the Girl Guides for over 35 years and really enjoy the voluntary work that I do with the guides and Saffron. 

  • Photograph of Mary Riddell Tenant Scrutiny Group Member

    Mary Riddell

    Tenant Scrutiny Group Member

    Hi, I’m Mary, 59 years old, originally from Glasgow and moved to Norwich 20 years ago with my partner.

    I had to give up work through ill health. I missed seeing other people and wanted to do something for myself. 

    I got the email and leaflet regarding Saffron tenant groups, and I decided to join so that I could give something back for the beautiful home Saffron has given me and my family. I wanted to be part of the changes Saffron are making for the better for all tenants.

  • Photograph Of Peter White, Tenant Scrutiny Member

    Peter White

    Tenant Scrutiny Group Member

    Although I have lived all over the country I am originally from west London. I moved, for the second time, to Norfolk in 2016 and became a Saffron tenant in 2019.

    I have held various titles and positions in a variety of companies, including being a 'Technical Complaints Coordinator', a 'Biotech Technician' and a Logistics Manager. I have also been a professional musician as well as a published poet, and my hobbies include writing and recording songs and music - I am very aware of making sure that this pleasure does not impact my neighbours though! By being part of the Tenant Scrutiny Group, it is my hope to be able to use my varied life experiences in helping others.

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