Below is some of your feedback from Our Customer Satisfaction Survey and the actions we have taken as a result.

The surveys ask questions about our key frontline services, such as our Customer Contact Centre, Anti-Social Behaviour and Housing Management.

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    You said... I feel the solution to stop Anti-Social Behaviour from happening again, in the flat block I live in, was not good enough.

    We did... A letter has been sent to all tenants and our Health & Safety Team have reviewed the entrance of the doors. A visit is being arranged with the police and the South Norfolk Council Early Help Hub to consider security of block.

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    You said... Tenants do not check the ‘My Saffron’ tenant portal for a response to an enquiry they might have.

    We did... We have a ‘how to’ video on our website, which you can view by clicking here. We will also work with our Communications Team to discuss putting the video on our social media channels as a reminder for tenants.

  • Red Spanner Inside A Wheel

    You said... I have recently had a kitchen upgrade and the workers are brilliant, but I don’t feel however, that Saffron informed us of some of the things to expect when they were in my home. For example the smell of the latex or how long I was going to be without a cooker or washing machine.

    We did... We have reviewed the letters that are being sent to tenants and made sure they include everything that could be expected when we attend a repair in their home.

  • Outline Of A Blue Calendar With A Blue Clock

    You said... The gap between a home inspection and when the job has then been complete seems a long time.

    We did... We have reviewed the letters sent to tenants and we will now include potential timescales of when they can expect jobs to be completed after they have had an inspection.

  • Blue Circle With Phone And Person Outline

    You said... Sometimes it takes a while to get through.

    We did... Did you know we have a ‘queuebuster’ call back system?

    After 60 seconds of waiting to speak to an advisor you are given the option for a call back, which will hold your space in the queue and save you waiting on the phone.

    We continue to receive positive feedback on this service with one tenant saying: “It is nice that you can get a call back when the lines are busy.”

  • Red Circle With Website Box Inside

    You said... The website is not very user friendly, I mainly have email to contact Saffron.

    We did... We have launched our new website. We hosted a tenant workshop in October and received some honest and constructive feedback about the new design and how the pages will fit together. We then tested the new site with our staff, Board members and tenants to gather further feedback. 

Below is some feedback from the Community Triangles we have hosted and the actions we have taken as a result.

We also have a number of points from our recent Wymondham Community Triangle, which we will list below soon. We are currently working on the actions we can take to make those improvements.

  • Pink Circle With 3 Houses In A Row And A Sun

    You said... You would like Saffron to have more of a presence in your neighbourhood.

    We did... We arranged a community clear up day and Community Triangle in Loddon with representatives from Saffron, the police and parish council attending.

  • Navy Circle With Outline Of 3 People

    You said... There is a lack of pride in the community.

    We did... Saffron have completed a number of home visits to tenants in the Loddon area, to discuss how to keep their community clean, gardens tidy and neighbourhood a safe place to live.

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