Our Strategy

Our strategy for 2024 and beyond remains to be known for Inspiring Communities and Inspiring Trust by being an Inspiring Organisation. 

Our key focus is working with tenants to continually improve our services and increase our investment in improving tenants' homes. 

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Our Group  

Saffron is a parent company with 3 non-charitable subsidiary companies, Crocus Homes Limited (Crocus), Saffron Housing Finance plc and Crimson Development Homes Limited.

Crocus Homes Limited - focuses on increasing Saffron's value bringing in revenue to support Saffron deliver its services.

Crocus has 2 main areas of operation:

  • Crocus Homes is responsible for designing and building high quality homes across Norfolk and Suffolk. 
  • Crocus Green is a sustainable energy company, managing the performance and income of around 800 solar energy arrays installed across Saffron’s properties.

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Saffron Housing Finance is the finance arm of the Saffron Group.

Crimson Development Homes are responsible for building all of our land-led schemes.

As part of our Saffron Group Governance and Accountability Structure, we have a Service Quality Committee (SQC). 

The Committee’s purpose is to receive feedback from Saffron Community Members (including our Tenant Scrutiny Group and Tenant Communication and Support Group); and to monitor and oversee continuous improvements. They will look at the quality of our services and the experiences tenants receive. 

For more information contact the Governance Team at governance@saffronhousing.co.uk.

Saffron Group Structure