About the scheme

Saffron completed Wave 1 of the Social Housing Decarbonisation scheme in August 2023, which saw 126 Saffron homes fitted with energy-saving upgrades.

The aim of the government-lead scheme was to improve the energy performance of some of the least efficient houses under Saffron management. We fitted Air Source Heat Pumps, which offer an efficient, eco-friendly, and low maintenance heating system for the home.

On some properties we also fitted new windows, doors, ventilation and insulation. These measures were taken only where needed, to improve the effectiveness of the heat pumps.

Many tenants who took part are reporting positive experiences, including a reduction in bills, and warmer homes.

What stage are we at?

Saffron is identifying the homes most in need for the next phases of the decarbonisation programme. Not every home will qualify.

Out of the homes that qualify, the work required to upgrade them will be different for each one.

How do we select homes which qualify?

Homes that qualify for the scheme will have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of D or below.

We will be targeting the properties with the worst energy performances first. 

If your home was not selected for Wave 2, this means that other homes were considered to have a worse energy performance rating than yours. This put them in a higher priority category.

How will you hear from us?

If your home is eligible for Wave 2 of the roll-out, you should have already received a letter from us.

Saffron is actively looking for more funding to continue the scheme in the future.

As before, we will be targeting the properties with the worst energy performances first.

You can read more about the scheme on energy company E.ON’s website by clicking here.