Safety checks are essential and have to be carried out within once a year.

If safety checks are not carried out, or delayed, this could put you, and your neighbours, at risk.

The team carrying out safety checks are trained professionals who are there to protect you, and others around you.

They will NOT:

  • Ask for any details about your tenancy.
  • Ask for any personal information.
  • Ask about arrears or any issues with Rent or Service Charge Payments.
  • Ask about any court cases or complaints.

They are non-judgemental and will carry out their work as quickly as possible.

If you are contacted about a safety check, please arrange one as soon as you can, and keep to your booked appointment.

Where you know you will need to change your appointment, please call our Customer Contact Team on 01508 532000 and we can reschedule this for a better time for you. We can then use that timeslot for another tenant.