Tenant Support & Wellbeing Service

You can find out more by watching this video.

The Tenant Support & Wellbeing Service is run by Life & Progress. Specialist advisors are available to talk to and there is no limit on the number of issues you can gain support on. The issues they can help with include: 

  • Mental health and wellbeing
  • Relationships
  • Family matters
  • Managing debt
  • Workplace issues
  • Your rights as a consumer

For more information about the Tenant Support & Wellbeing Service call 0330 094 5593. 

Or you can click here to visit their website where you will need to log in with the following details: 

Username: saffronhousingtrust 

Password: tenantsupport 

MyMindPal app 

My Mind Pal mental health app logoThe Tenant Support & Wellbeing Service also offers a free app to help with your mental health - MyMindPal. 

The Mental Fitness App gives you access to simple exercises, tools, and techniques to help you reduce stress levels and enjoy life more. The benefits of the app include: 

  • Cope with life’s daily stress – by managing negative thoughts and reducing body tension. 
  • Relax more often – with calming techniques for your mind and body. 
  • Boost your positive thoughts – by creating a range of helpful thinking styles.
  • Enjoy the present moment – with easy to follow mindfulness practices.
  • Build habits that are good for you – by following simple tips and challenges to keep you on track. 

It is available on both iOS and Android, downloadable from the Apple App Store or on Google Play. 

You will need to add a personal invite code during your registration process. You can find this on: