Tenant Satisfaction Measures

The government has introduced 22 Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) which aim to make landlords’ performance more visible to tenants, and help tenants hold their landlords to account. Find out about ‘Tenant Satisfaction Measures’ (TSMs) and see some of the results we’ve had so far in our video here.

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    What are TSMs?

    Saffron, along with every other social housing provider in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, must complete ‘perception surveys’ about what our tenants think about the services they receive. These compliment the satisfaction surveys each team complete each month.

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    What is their purpose?

    TSMs are key to understanding how well we are meeting tenants' needs, and together with data from satisfaction surveys and complaint root causes, they also help us to understand the priorities for service improvement.

    TSMs help to regulate the service that social landlords provide, and helps to keep them accountable. How well social landlords score will be a factor in deciding which providers are assessed by the regulator through short notice inspections.

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    Who runs the survey?

    The questions for these surveys are set centrally by the Regulator of Social Housing (RSH) so results from different providers are comparable.

    We employ TLF to complete our surveys on our behalf. Every survey is completed over the telephone.

    You can find out more about TLF by clicking here.

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    Who takes part?

    A cross-section of tenants are surveyed, so the results are meaningful. The sample of tenants surveyed includes tenants paying social rents, supported housing, intermediate rent, affordable rent and temporary social housing. This profile of tenants is termed Low-Cost Rental Accommodation (LCRA)

    We are not required to report on homeownership satisfaction due to how many homeownership units we have. We are considering gathering this data as we want to understand homeowners’ perception of our services.

What do the results say?

This is the data that we have so far. It helps us understand what we are doing right and where we can improve.

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See below the results from 1st April 2023 to 31st March 2024. We will update these results after every quarter. This is initial data comparing results for each measure against 52 other social housing providers and helps us to understand how we are performing against them.



We had 277 tenants respond in the survey between April and September.


Overall satisfaction

By the end of September, of the 277 responses, 72.2% of those tenants said they were satisfied with our service overall.


Overall opinion of repairs service

Overall 73.1% of tenants taking part felt positive about the repairs service.


Building maintenance

67.9% were happy with Saffron's building maintenance.


Repairs completion time

59% of participating tenants were happy with time the taken to complete repairs.


Saffron listens to views and acts on them

58.2% of tenants felt listened to and that action was taken after their feedback.


Saffron homes are safe

4/5 tenants asked said they felt that their home is safe.


Saffron is fair and respectful

78.2% of tenants said that Saffron is fair and respectful.


Keeping tenants informed

71.3% of tenants who participated said they felt they felt well informed.


Complaints handling

29.6% said they were happy with how their complaint was handled.


Maintenance of communal areas

Just over half of tenants who took part in the survey felt satisfied with the maintenance of communal areas.


Our neighbourhood contribution

58.5% felt satisfied with Saffron's contribution to their neighbourhood.


Handling of Anti-Social Behaviour

59.1% said they were satisfied with how we handle Anti-Social Behaviour.

What are we doing well?

Hear directly from our tenants on what they feel we are getting right. Click on the arrows to read more feedback.

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Where can we improve?

Below are some comments from tenants on how we can do better. Click on the arrows to read more feedback.

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Next steps

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Work is ongoing to widen the scope of data. We are working with Independent East - an informal alliance of five housing associations in the East of England, including Saffron - and Housemark - the UK's leading data and insight company for the housing sector. This is to gain as much data as we can for an even greater understanding of what the data we are capturing means to Saffron.

Independent focus groups
We are organising some independent focus groups which will be run by Your Own Place. We want to understand tenant’s experiences in more detail as well as their expectations and ideas for improvement.

Service improvement plan
Feedback will be reviewed with relevant service teams to create service improvement plans and decide tenant communication priorities where appropriate. These will set actions and form an accountable structure of service improvement. This work begins January 2024.