As part of the UK’s commitment to reduce carbon dioxide emissions (CO2) to net zero by 2050, we are carrying out a programme to improve the efficiency of our homes. We are also proactively bidding for funding to decarbonise our worst energy performing homes and see the climate challenge as a great opportunity to renew homes across Norfolk and Suffolk.   

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How to save energy at home

There are a number of small steps you can take to be more energy efficient and save money.

You can find out more via our Energy Efficiency Tips Help Sheet at the bottom of the page.

Advice for tenants with Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP)

A heat pump captures heat from outside and moves it into your home. It uses electricity to do this, but the heat energy delivered to your home is much more than the electrical energy used to power the system. If you have an ASHP: 

  • Take time to fully understand your heating controls and how to best set up the heat pump in line with your daily routine.
  • Make sure you have an annual service which is arranged by us to check that everything is running at maximum efficiency and any faults are fixed.
  • Make sure you set your controls to provide a lower temperature over a longer period of time. Most controllers have a night-time setting called 'set back'. This has the heating running at a lower temperature overnight, and then set to increase the temperature when you wake and start moving about in the morning. 
  • Make sure there are no items obstructing the external unit so that a steady flow of air is maintained. This includes removing any snow or ice that might accumulate over the vents during the winter.
  • Move onto the most economic electricity tariff from your utility provider and make them aware that you have an ASHP as some providers have specific renewable tariffs.

Air Source Heat Pump tips

If you have an Air Source Heat Pump watch this video with advice on how to use it efficiently.

Heating your home

If you have another heating system click here to find out more about taking control of heating your home.

Useful documents

Energy Efficiency Tips Tenant Help Sheet

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