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    Cathy Combs


    I became involved in the tenant group when Saffron expressed interest in changing the way they interact with tenants.

    My main purpose is to ensure tenants have meaningful input in creating solutions for any decision that affects them.

    I truly believe that collaboration with tenants can result in a groundbreaking model going forward. Creatively, we can work together for win-win situations for both Saffron and tenants.

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    Loraine Darmon

    Tenant Communication & Support Group Member

    I joined the tenant group because I want to be involved in improving the communication that Saffron has with tenants.

    This is a large topic, where there is scope for the tenant group to be able to make significant improvements.

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    Sarah Boycott

    Tenant Communication & Support Group Member

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    Vicky Baxter

    Tenant Communication & Support Group Member

Quarterly reports

Tenant Communication & Support Group Second Quarterly Report 23 24

pdf - 131Kb

If you would like tenant to tenant support or advice you can join the Saffron Tenant Facebook Group. Run by tenants for tenants.

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