Rent a home

Once you have registered with your local authority, they will carry out an assessment of your housing need and depending on the outcome, you will be given a priority on their waiting list.

If you would like to rent a Saffron home, you can find out who your local authority is and join their housing register. 

Find your local authority

If you are homeless or threatened with homelessness, please contact your local authority who will be able to support you.

What happens when you find a home

Depending on the local authority you apply to, you will either be nominated for one of our properties or you will bid through Choice Based Lettings.

Once Saffron receives your details from the local authority we will contact you and arrange for you to be interviewed by our Lettings Team to check your details and also to carry out an affordability check.

Arrangements will be made for you to view the property and if you would like to accept it, we will arrange sign up.