When you first sign your Tenancy Agreement, you will receive a payment card with a 19 digit Payment Reference Number (PRN) code on it. We use this to help identify your payments when you make them. Keep this card safe, as you will need it for some of the payment methods below.   

You can make a secure payment online via the AllPay website below.

Pay your rent


Direct debit

Direct debit is our preferred method of payment. 

You can fill in the direct debit mandate which can be found by clicking here. You can return it by either:

You can also call us on 01508 532000 and we can set up a direct debit over the telephone. 

Payments can be made weekly or fortnightly or on any day of the month. You must continue to make payments yourself until you receive confirmation from us that your direct debit instruction has been processed. If you currently pay by standing order and you would like to change it to direct debit, it is your responsibility to cancel the standing order with your bank. Paying by direct debit is easier because we will amend your payments for you when the amount you need to pay changes. 

Tenant portal  

You can use the My Saffron tenant portal to pay your rent quickly and easily. You can also view your balance and transaction history as well as update your personal details when you need to and raise an enquiry with us.  

You can sign up right now by following the instructions below.

To register/re-register you will need the following details:

  • Email address
  • Date of birth
  • National insurance number

My Saffron portal

How to guide

To help you to navigate the site, we have created a short how to guide. You can watch the video by clicking here.

If you have any questions or issues with the portal, email info@saffronhousing.co.uk or call 01508 532000.


You can make a secure payment by clicking here which will transfer you to the AllPay website. Once you have clicked through you will need to:  

  • Sign up for an AllPay account if you do not already have one.  
  • Have your 19 digit PRN code ready.  
  • Know how much you want to pay – if you need any advice on how much you need to pay, please call our Customer Contact Team on 01508 532000.  

You can also download the AllPay app in the Apple App Store, Google Play or Windows Phone Store.  

Standing order  

You can pay by standing order either monthly, weekly or fortnightly, depending on the facilities offered by your bank or building society. For the reference you must use the last 12 digits of your tenancy reference number which can be found on My Saffron portal. When the amount you need to pay changes, it is your responsibility to update the payments. New standing order mandates are not sent out when your rent changes and if you need one you will need to call us on 01508 532000.  

My Saffron portal

Post Office or at a PayPoint

You can make a payment at the Post Office using your payment card, together with your debit card, cash or a cheque. Any cheques should be made payable to ‘POST OFFICE LTD’. Please tell the cashier how much you wish to pay. To find your local branch click here.

To make a payment at a PayPoint outlet, please give your payment card together with your payment to the cashier and tell them how much you wish to pay. Payment can be made by cash. To find your local PayPoint outlet click here.

Over the phone

To use our automated payment line, call the Customer Contact Team on 01508 532000 and select option 1. You will need your payment card with your 19 digit PRN code and your debit or credit card.

This service is available 24/7 and you will not need to queue. Each time you use this automated service, we will give you an authorisation code as proof of payment. If you need advice about how much to pay, call the Customer Contact Team on 01508 532000 and speak to an advisor.  

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    Rent advice

    If you are struggling with debt, there are a number of organisations that provide professional help and advice. These independent agencies can provide impartial advice at no cost.