Name changes  

If you have recently changed your name via deed poll, marriage, divorce, or any other legal route you can request to have your name changed on your account.   

You will need to send the request in writing, via email or the My Saffron tenant portal, and provide a copy of the legal document showing the name change. 

Your original Tenancy Agreement will remain in the name recorded when you started your tenancy. 

Ending your tenancy 

If you wish to terminate your tenancy, you need to complete a Notice to Quit form which can be found by clicking here. You can return it by either:

As part of the terms of your tenancy you are required to provide 4 weeks’ notice of terminating your tenancy and the weekly rent will be due during this period. These are both due regardless of whether you leave the property early.  

Once the termination form has been received, it will be processed and you will be notified of the tenancy end date. We will also make arrangements with you to book in any necessary inspections of the property.  

If a family member has passed away and as their next of kin you would like to end their tenancy you can also complete the Notice to Quit form by clicking here. You can then return it by either:

If you would like to be considered to succeed the tenancy, contact our Customer Contact Team on 01508 532000.  

You can also find out more via our Ending Your Tenancy Help Sheet at the bottom of the page. 

Adding/removing someone from your tenancy 

If you would like to remove an occupant from your tenancy as they are no longer living with you, email, call 01508 532000, or go to the My Saffron tenant portal.   

We cannot add people to your tenancy, but they can become an occupant.  

If you would like to add an occupant and they are over the age of 18 we will need to make an appointment to visit you at your home to meet them. We will also need to complete a Right to Rent document, which is a legal requirement. For more information click here

If you would like to add an occupant under the age of 18, we will need you to provide us with their name, date of birth and their National Insurance number.  


If you have a joint tenancy with us but would like to be removed, you can apply for a tenancy change, called a Joint to Sole. For this change to be considered both people must agree to the change and the rent account must not have a negative balance. We recommend you take independent legal advice before requesting any changes. If the request is granted, your Neighbourhood Officer will make an appointment to visit both tenants so new Deeds can be completed.  

You can download a Joint to Sole application form by clicking here. You can return it by either:

If you have a joint tenancy and would like to be removed but do not wish to assign the tenancy to the other tenant on the tenancy, you will need to complete a Notice to Quit which gives formal notice to us that you wish to end your tenancy. If one person of a joint tenancy terminates, this terminates the tenancy for everyone living within the household.  

If you are a single tenant and would like to assign your tenancy to a spouse or partner, you must complete an application form with us to apply for a tenancy change. There is no guarantee that we will grant this change, as we will need to investigate the reason and make a decision to whether we feel the tenancy change is appropriate. We would advise that you take independent legal advice before making a decision as assigning your tenancy to someone else will affect your rights to the home.  

Other occasions when a tenancy can be assigned 

The court has the power to order the assignment of tenancies in certain circumstances, e.g. domestic abuse, divorce proceedings and relationship breakdowns. 

For independent legal advice about your tenancy, contact Citizens Advice and Shelter.

Useful documents

Ending Your Tenancy Help Sheet

pdf - 1335Kb

If you need the above information in a different format such as an accessible PDF or braille, email or call 01508 532000.

We also offer INTRAN, which provides interpreting and translation services for people who are deaf, hard of hearing or who do not have English as a first language. To arrange support with INTRAN please contact a member of the Customer Contact Team on 01508 532000 or at Find out more by clicking here.