• Price: 25% to 75% shares available

  • Bedrooms: 2 - 3

  • Address: Hither Close, Needham Market, Suffolk, IP6 8FZ

The properties on the development benefit from contemporary kitchens, good sized bedrooms and off road parking, plus fenced and turfed private rear gardens.


All shared ownership houses have a B- EPC rating, with double glazing as standard.


Total open market values are £315,000 for the three bed semi detached house, £270,000 for the two bed. The minimum share that can be purchased is 25% and a maximum of 75%. Purchasers can staircase to 100% ownership (fees may apply). Rent will be payable on the remaining share (for example; a 50% share of a two bed, will equate to £309.38 per month, further examples below. The % share and rent amount will change depending on the amount you can afford. 


Share Purchase Price & Rent Examples


The share purchase price is calculated using the full market value (£270,000 ) and the percentage share purchased.


If you buy a 50% share, the share purchase price will be £135,000 and the rent will be £309.38 a month.


If you buy a larger share, you’ll pay less rent. The table below shows further examples.



Share Purchase Price

Monthly Rent

25% £67,500 £464.06
30% £81,000 £433.13
40% £108,000 £371.25
50% £135,000 £309.38
60% £162,000 £247.50
70% £189,000 £185.63
75% £202,500 £154.69


The percentage share and rent amount will change depending on the amount you can afford. You’ll receive a worked example after a financial assessment.


Your annual rent is calculated as 2.75% of the remaining share of the full market value owned by Saffron Housing.



Saffron Housing Trust is a housing association based in South Norfolk with over 6,500 homes in Norfolk, Suffolk and across East Anglia.