Service charges letter - FAQs


Statement 5050

1st November 2023

Following our update on 18th October 2023 regarding the service charges letter sent to some tenants and homeowners, you will receive a further letter over the coming days providing clarity of what the service charges mean for you going forward, following the Board’s decision on 16th October 2023.

Below are some frequently asked questions which we hope you will find useful. If you have any further questions, please email or call 01508 532000.

If you live on a supported housing scheme, you can speak to your Wellbeing Coordinator.

We again apologise for the distress the letter sent on 25th September 2023 has caused.



  • What is a service charge?

A service charge is an additional charge on top of rent that you pay for your contribution for services provided by Saffron to your block and or estate such as grounds maintenance.

  • Why did you send the letter dated 25th September 2023?

We have to send certain letters at set times, so we are legally compliant, however this was sent to some tenants/homeowners who have never received this letter before and who were not expecting it. We are extremely sorry for the distress this has caused, and we are undertaking a review to understand exactly what happened to prevent something like this from happening again.

  • I’m not paying currently paying a service charge, will I have to in the future?

Each year we review the services Saffron are providing and the anticipated costs for the next financial year. We inform tenants/homeowners of any service charge costs within the rent and service charge letters sent every February. Should you be required to pay towards a service charge it will be detailed in this letter.

  • Why are some people not having to pay service charges when I have to?

Service charges are charged to tenants/homeowners for the services Saffron are responsible for providing as a landlord and if your legal agreement (tenancy, licence, lease) with Saffron references it.

  • Have you considered how the letter you sent on 25th September 2023 impacted tenants?

We are truly sorry for the content of the letter and how the letter was sent to tenants. We acknowledge and understand the distress the letter has caused residents, and we apologise for this. We are undertaking a review to find out what happened so we can learn from our mistakes.

We have a free and confidential Tenant Support & Wellbeing Service available to all tenants if you would like to speak to someone. For more information call 0330 094 5593 or click here.

  • When will we receive the updated letter from Saffron?

Tenants and homeowners who have previously received a letter will receive another letter week commencing 30th October 2023. This will outline what our Board’s decision will mean for you.