Grounds Maintenance

Grounds Maintenance

Our Grounds Maintenance team deal with grass cutting and tree care on the communal land that we own.

340 Dereham Rd, Costessey 012This service is to ensure that the green areas of your community are kept neat and tidy and to facilitate this we aim to cut the grass in your area every month during the summer when grass grows very quickly. Alongside this we will trim hedges; maintain ditches and flower beds; inspect and maintain children’s play equipment; get rid of invasive weeds and nurture wildflower meadows.

We also have qualified tree surgeons to look after those on our land, remove or prune those that have become a nuisance and who keep all of our trees in good health and in a safe condition. We recognise that they form a vital part of the amenity and aesthetics of your area. We frequently replace trees that we are forced to remove with suitable species in order to maintain the look of green communal areas.

If you have a query about the grass cutting in your area or are worried about a potentially dangerous tree please contact Paul Bunce on 01508 532069 or email:

Assisted Gardening Scheme

Saffron can also assist eligible tenants with the general upkeep of their gardens, to help them to keep their property looking neat and tidy. This facility is only available to tenants who are not able to look after their gardens on their own.

For more information or to apply to join this assisted gardening scheme please contact your Housing Officer.

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