What to do if your central heating doesn’t work

If your central heating breaks down/not working check the following:

  • Is the power to the appliance turned on?

Boilers need a power supply to work. Your boiler will usually have its own dedicated power switch nearby to where it is and it is usually wired directly to the mains. It will not have a plug but look more like your cooker power switch. The switch will have a 3amp or 5amp sticker on its face. Please ensure this is switched on.

  • Is the boiler thermostat set correctly?

Your boiler has its own thermostat which should not be confused with room thermostats (see below). The boiler’s thermostat regulates the temperature of the water in the system. This is important in maintaining a safe hot water temperature for your bathroom and kitchen. The boiler’s thermostat also ensures that appropriately hot water is fed to your radiators. If your central heating is not working well then we advise turning the thermostat to maximum. If the boiler then comes on you can turn this down again to suit your needs.

  • Is the room thermostat set properly?

Room thermostats detect the ambient temperatures in your property. You may have one centrally placed in your home or there may be a few in different rooms. Room thermostats detect the ambient room temperature. They are set to a particular temperature with a dial or display. Please ensure that your thermostat is set to an adequate temperature or it will not allow your radiators to heat up.

  • Is the timer switch set at the correct time?

Your central heating can be set to come on and off at different times. Your boiler will usually have an electronic display with buttons to set the times the boiler will come on and off. Older boilers may have a manual dial. If the times are not correct the boiler may not come on at times you need it. If issues continue you should be able to turn your central heating on by setting the display/dial to constant.

  • If you have a prepayment gas meter does it have credit?

Please ensure that you have enough gas fuel on your meter. Without gas your boiler will not work. If you need more credit, you can top it up by taking your meter card to the nearest Paypoint. When you have topped up your credit please ensure your meter says ‘on’. If says off please remove your card and replace.

  • Do you have sufficient oil in the tank?

If your central heating system uses domestic oil you need to ensure that you arrange timely deliveries so you do not run out. Without oil in your tank the boiler will not work. Most oil tanks have a gauge which will tell you when the oil is running low. If you do run out of oil and the system is drained you could incur a recharge for us to reinstate.