Rating customer satisfaction using STAR Surveys

HouseMark is one of the largest membership organisations in the UK for housing providers like us, providing solutions and opportunities for social landlords to improve their performance. HouseMark provides a framework for surveys around customer perception such as the STAR (Survey of Tenants and Residents) survey, a widely used tool by many housing associations.

The survey consists of a series of questions which tell us how satisfied customers are with our services and enables us to compare ourselves with other housing associations too. This helps us to identify areas where we may need to make improvements.

Previously we have been commissioning the services of a company to carry these out by phone, using a randomly selected sample of customers every month, but from this year we will be carrying out STAR Surveys annually. This will still equate to a similar number of surveys being obtained but in a much shorter timeframe and will also be done by a dedicated team within Saffron. As well as completing the surveys over the phone we are also looking to include other methods for enabling you to complete them such as online.

The core questions relate to satisfaction with:

  • Saffron’s service
  • The quality of your home
  • with your neighbourhood
  • Your rent being value for money
  • Your service charges being value for money
  • The repairs to your home
  • How well we listen and act on your views

Please help us to measure our customer satisfaction and improve services by completing a STAR survey. By doing so it gives us real insight into how satisfied you are and what really matters to you. We welcome you to tell us your ideas about how Saffron could make improvements to services.