Specialist Housing

Specialist Housing

It is encouraging that in recent years there have been more options for those with learning disabilities to enjoy a more independent style of living. The guiding principle of any form of housing is that the learning/physically disabled person should be at the centre of any plan with more people being supported in their own homes.

At Saffron we have developed a track record of promoting independent living and now have a portfolio of various housing options for people with learning and or physical disabilities. Tenancies and home ownership are no longer restricted to those people capable of fully understanding legal agreements. Since the introduction of the Mental Capacity Act, as long as it is in the person’s ‘best interests’ to live independently, we can help to make it happen. Saffron has worked closely with Norfolk County Council, Suffolk County Council and Essex County Council to broker a range of housing options for people with learning/physical difficulties.

This includes the Resettlement Programme which followed on from the Government initiative to close NHS provision for people with learning difficulties. Saffron Housing has worked with the relevant county councils to purchase and develop small shared housing units in local communities for two, three or four tenants to share a property or live in a single occupancy property Each tenant maintains their own tenancy with the help of 24 hour support. Tenants are supported and encouraged to live as independently as possible.

Please email specialisthousing@saffronhousing.co.uk or call 01508 532000 for further information

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