Tenant Q&A session


‘Tenant Q&A’ – watch our Executive Team answer your questions

Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions to our Executive Team – CEO James Francis, Executive Director of Operations Hannah Harvey, and Executive Director of Finance & Development Iain Innes.

It’s important to us that we continue a dialogue with you during these challenging times, and wanted to provide an opportunity for us to answer your questions about how the pandemic has affected our services and what we’re doing to help our tenants.

You can watch the ‘Tenant Q&A’ session by clicking on the image below.












Timings for each question are listed below:

  • When do you think things will start getting back to normal at Saffron? – 1:20
  • What services are we now offering? – 2:08
  • Planned maintenance – kitchen and bathroom replacements, when is this likely to happen?- 3:11
  • Are exchanges still being processed as normal? – 4:32
  • Are you building any more new houses? – 5:18
  • When will you be building more homes/when will the contractors be back on site? – 5:50
  • What do I do if I have an emergency repair in my house but I don’t feel comfortable letting anyone in             due to Covid-19? – 6:16
  • What is Saffron’s pet’s policy? (Helping with mental health) – 7:33
  • What has been your response to anti-social behaviour? – 8:19
  • When are you going to open your offices/reception? – 9:20
  • Where are your staff working – if they’re at home, how can they do their jobs properly? – 10.18
  • How are you working differently to keep in touch with tenants? – 11:45
  • Your staff have carried out volunteering work – is this going to continue? – 12:52
  • Does the outbreak mean Saffron has less money? – 14:09
  • Have Neighbourhood Officer’s roles changed? – 14:36
  • Do saffron listen to your tenants when you collate feedback? – 15:22
  • What does your customer engagement group (Customer Voice) do? – 16:24
  • Who actually pays the bedroom tax now? – 17:46
  • What is Saffron’s plan if there is another Covid outbreak which results in another complete lockdown             and how will this affect the tenants? –  18:35
  • What would happen if I am made redundant during these unprecedented times. What could Saffron do         to help with my rent payments? – 20:06
  • Are you offering any payment holidays? –  21:22
  • Will tenants benefit from heating upgrades etc. under the new government scheme? – 21:55
  • How will the pandemic affect the services provided by Saffron once lockdown is lifted further? How will         this be communicated to tenants? – 23:15

If you have any further questions or concerns, you can contact us in the usual way by calling 01508 532000 or emailing info@saffronhousing.co.uk.

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