If you already have an ASB case open, please contact your Neighbourhood Officer for an update.

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What happens after you report ASB?

We will investigate all reports of Anti-Social Behaviour. 

  • When we receive a report of ASB, we will contact the complainant to ask for further information. At this stage we will agree the next course of action.   
  • The ASB case will be assigned to a Neighbourhood Officer who will manage the case. 
  • Please note that you will need to provide evidence to support your complaint. ASB cases can fail because of a lack of evidence, so it is important to give us as much information as possible so we can resolve the issue.  
  • We will keep you informed throughout the investigation through regular contact. 
  • We will treat all complaints in confidence, but may need to discuss some matters with other professionals as necessary considering risk. 

During the investigation, we may contact the alleged perpetrator, neighbours, the police, council, and other agencies, as appropriate. 

What can you do if you are experiencing ASB? 

If the case does not involve threats, violence or harassment, the investigation could start with a suggestion that you talk the problem through with the other person. 

There is always a better chance of solving a dispute if you try to see each other’s point of view. If appropriate, you may find speaking to your neighbour and let them know that their behaviour is upsetting you, will help to resolve the issue. 

If the other person is unreasonable, it is better to walk away. You should avoid getting into an argument whenever possible. 

If the problem remains unresolved or the methods above are not appropriate, we will investigate further, including contacting the alleged perpetrator outlining the breach of tenancy conditions/nuisance/Anti-Social Behaviour that needs to be fixed. As part of this process, the alleged perpetrator will be able to provide their view of the situation.