Two vacant homes given a new lease of life


House With Yellow Skip Outside

Saffron Housing Trust and South Norfolk District Council are working together to help fund renovations of two empty properties previously due to be sold off.

Extra ‘commuted sums’* funding has been made available to deliver two high-quality three-bedroom homes available to rent, one in Wymondham and one in Stoke Holy Cross. The council is providing over £80,000 and we are providing another £36,000 towards the work. The homes will have an enhanced specification to ensure they will have lower running costs for future tenants.

The works on the property in Wymondham will include:

  • A new main roof
  • New fascia, soffit and guttering
  • The extension flat roof will be removed, the ceiling height raised, and a new roof fitted with updated insulation levels
  • New windows
  • A new front door
  • A new bathroom
  • A new kitchen
  • The ground floor will be lifted and insulated
  • Solar panels and battery storage fitted
  • Many general repairs including all internal doors replaced

Jason MacCormick, Director of Sustainability at Saffron, said: “These properties were going to be sold because they were in poor condition and had high maintenance costs. This extra funding will ensure the properties are brought up to a high standard and they will be much cheaper to run and maintain. With the rising costs of energy, we know how important it is to offer energy efficient and well insulated homes.

“We are very grateful to South Norfolk District Council for the extra funding. Work has begun in Wymondham and we’re in the process of agreeing the new specification for the property in Stoke Holy Cross. It’s an exciting project and one that will benefit two families very soon.”

South Norfolk Council Cabinet member, Alison Thomas said: “The Council understands how important it is for people to have an affordable home that is safe and warm. Investing in these properties has brought two previously derelict homes back into use and enabled two families to have a key to their own front door.”


Commuted sums are a payment by an individual, authority, or company (developer) to the highway authority, local authority, or other body, as a contribution towards the future maintenance of the asset to be adopted or transferred. Both properties were transferred to Saffron from South Norfolk District Council in 2004.