Helping to ease pressures on health care system


Red Brick Building Surrounded by Trees

We are pleased to been part of a new initiative that uses flats within Norfolk’s Housing with Care schemes to support people who are currently in a hospital bed waiting for a care package which is not immediately available.

People will temporarily move from a hospital bed to one of our Independent Community Living Plus flats for up to four weeks, they will receive 24/7 care and support before moving back to their home.

Tracey Dowse, Head of Wellbeing & Partnerships said, “We hope this new initiative will help to ease some of the winter pressures for the health and care system by offering a suitable step-down option from hospital to free up much needed hospital beds. Residents will be provided with all the support to prepare them to return home after spending time in hospital.”

This initiative has been developed as a partnership between Norfolk County Council, the landlords; Saffron Housing Trust, Broadland Housing, and Great Yarmouth Borough Council, NorseCare, Country Kitchen Foods Norfolk and the Integrated Care Board (ICB). The flats will be available until the 31st March as an initiative to support with system pressures this winter.