Saffron Community Members meeting



Our Saffron Community Members have met our Board members and Chief Officers last week, at our twice yearly, Saffron Community Members Meeting.

The session was open to all our Community Members and gave them the chance to ask questions to senior staff, see how we are performing compared to on our targets and learn more about our priorities for the coming year. They also had the opportunity to provide their feedback on our services to the Board and Chief Officers. Community Members and our Tenant Groups provided their own updates, highlights and challenges they faced in the last six months.

Community Members meet with our Board at least twice a year and we factor their feedback into our strategic planning for the coming year.

Our Community Triangles were one also of the talking points, with stories of recent successes being shared and a promotion of the next triangle in Mulbarton, which takes place on 24th June.

All tenants can become Saffron Community Members, you can find out more about the scheme and how to join on our website by clicking here.

Existing members interested in joining one of the tenant groups can contact us via email on