New Tenant Satisfaction Measures


5 Circles With Faces In - One Red, One Orange, One Yellow, One Light Green, One Dark Green

We are working with a company called TLF Research who will be calling tenants to ask a few questions in a short survey. They will call different tenants every three months, so you shouldn’t receive a call more than once.

The survey is part of a new system the government (Regulator of Social Housing) has introduced to assess how well social housing landlords, which includes Saffron, are doing at providing good quality homes and services.

They have introduced 22 Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) which aim to make landlords’ performance more visible to tenants, and help tenants hold their landlords to account. The TSMs should therefore:

  • Let tenants see how well their landlord is doing.
  • Give the Regulator of Social Housing an idea of which landlords might need to improve things.

Some of the data for the TSMs we are collecting via telephone surveys which (if you are called) will ask you how satisfied or dissatisfied you are with a particular service. The other data is information we already hold about our homes.

The full list of measures can be found on the government’s website by clicking here.