Inspiring Saffron Strategy


Round Wheel Divided Into Three Sections - Purple, Green And Gold

We are excited to have launched our updated Inspiring Saffron Strategy.

Our strategy for 2023 and beyond remains to be known for Inspiring Communities and Inspiring Trust by being an Inspiring Organisation.

Each Inspiring element of the strategy includes its Purpose and key Priorities for 2023/24. But our key focus remains working with tenants to continually improves our services and increase our investment in improving tenant’s homes.

CEO at Saffron James Francis said: “We recognise that the external environment challenges us to be even better with less and our strategy provides a framework and continuity to help us deliver this. Since our Inspiring Saffron Strategy first launched last year, we have been working with our Saffron Community Membership to improve services. We are committed to build on this work and run Saffron in a way that rewards colleagues fairly, gives tenants a positive experience and enables us to invest more in their homes.”

You can see our new strategy in full on our website by clicking here or you can watch our strategy video by clicking here.