Important information about Carbon Monoxide


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We’ve been made aware that there are some dangerous trends on social media about using aluminium foil gas burner covers and standard kitchen foil to keep gas hobs clean.

They can restrict the airflow and lead to the release of Carbon Monoxide (CO) which is known as a silent killer as it’s not detectable. 

There’s an average of over 60 deaths every year in England and Wales due to accidental exposure to carbon monoxide - up to 45% in the home (according to the Office for National Statistics).

Using them may not only result in Carbon Monoxide poisoning, but also overheating of the surface of the cooker and a potential fire hazard.

You can read more about Carbon Monoxide, including the symptoms of CO poisoning and keeping your home safe by doing things like testing your CO alarm, on our Health and Safety page by clicking here.

Your home will have a working CO alarm – it’s important you test this weekly, by using the push button test function, just like a smoke alarm. If your alarm doesn’t work when tested, please contact us on 01508 532000 or and we’ll replace it for you. Please never remove either a CO or smoke alarm.

It’s also important that every year you have a qualified Gas Safe Registered engineer service any gas appliance that you own, such as a gas cooker.