Tips for tenants with Air Source Heat Pumps


With our commitment to reducing carbon emissions and reducing heating costs for our tenants, we’re installing more Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) in our homes. All new build properties, regardless if they are for sale, or rent, will have an Air Source Heat Pump installed if they are built after 2025.

If you already have an ASHP, we have some tips to help with running costs:

  1. Contact your utility company to make sure they are aware you have an ASHP and check you’re on the best tariff. Some provide a “Green Tariff” especially for customers with renewable heating.
  2. Leave the heating controls to come on at night in the “set back” option – usually around 16 degrees centigrade. This allows the ASHP and your home to maintain the heat in the colder months, and not have a “cold start” in the morning which uses more electricity to get the property back up to a comfortable temperature.
  3. Make sure the annual service and safety inspection are carried out every 12 months to keep the heating and hot water system running efficiently.
  4. Try to turn down the temperature on your room thermostat to find an optimal comfortable temperature. Turning down the temperature by just 1 degree centigrade can save you £75-£100 per year.
  5. Try to heat all your rooms, as not heating one room can lead to the other rooms losing heat trying to warm the cold room.