Starts At Home Day


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Today we are supporting Starts At Home Day, a campaign led by the National Housing Federation to celebrate the positive impact of Independent Community Living.

This recognises the value of care and support services, and the difference that having a safe and secure home can make to people’s lives.

We offer Independent Community Living and Independent Community Living Plus schemes, providing older people with housing and support tailored to their needs. You can find out more about our schemes by clicking here.

Tenant Of Swallowtail Place Sitting On Sofa Smiling

73-year-old Jenny Rath moved into her Shared Ownership property at Swallowtail Place in Acle in February. She has scoliosis and previously lived in a 2-bed terraced house which was becoming unsuitable. She needed to live on one level but wanted space for her daughter to visit. She currently only has minimal care but is reassured to know that care is available if needed in the future.

She said: “Before, you would wake up and all you would see is cars. Now, to wake up and look at the trees, it is lovely. And I can now enjoy a cup of tea in bed, which I could not do before. And it is so quiet. I love it.”

Angela Symonds, Specialist Housing Officer, said: “Our Independent Community Living and Independent Community Living Plus schemes (with care) allow people to choose the right housing option for them. Both types of housing promote independence and offer peace of mind that help is available if needed. It is absolutely brilliant to see people thrive and communities grow within our schemes.”

To find out more about Starts At Home and how you can support the campaign, click here.