Partnership working to help improve safety for tenants


Orange Box With Corgi Written Inside In White And Technical Services Written Next To The Box In Orange

We have been working with Corgi Technical Services, the Association of Safety and Compliance Professionals (ASCP) and other housing associations, on a new video for tenants about the importance of key safety checks.

By law, landlords must service gas appliances once a year. Electrical tests are also carried out every five years in rented properties. These help to highlight any issues which may, if left unrepaired, cause an electrical fire. Gaining access to tenants’ homes to carry out these checks isn’t always possible, but these safety assessments are vital and can only be made once we have access.

We have worked closely with partners from across the country on a new video animation which explains to tenants the importance of what we do, and why we do it. The video also gives advice about how else tenants can keep themselves safe throughout the year. The video can be found on our website here.

Terry Waterson, Electrical Manager at Saffron, said: “We understand some tenants can find these appointments time consuming or disruptive to their day, but it is important we carry them out for their safety. It has been useful to discuss the common themes around gaining access with other housing associations and agencies. The video is the first step in raising awareness about our fire, electrical and gas checks. I hope it helps us to further engage with our tenants, so that they allow us into their homes to carry out this crucial work.”