Fire Door Safety Week 2023


Graphic Of Fire Door

25th – 29th September is Fire Door Safety Week.

Co-ordinated by the British Woodworking Federation, this campaign aims to increase understanding of the critical role that fire doors play in saving lives and protecting property.

Why is a fire door important?

A fire door ensures that, if a fire breaks out, it can be contained in a ‘compartment’. This traps the fire and smoke to allow time for people to get out, and it also makes the fire easier to tackle.

It is important to remember that a fire door will not fulfil this function if damaged or left propped open.

Click here to visit the Fire Door Safety Week website for advice about what to look out for and what to do if you spot a problem.

You can find more useful guidance and information on our Health & Safety page by clicking here.

To watch our video about the importance of fire doors, click here.