Responsibilities and Response Times

Responsibilities and Response Times

The responsibility for looking after your home is a joint one. We are responsible for most repairs but you are also responsible for some (see below).

We are responsible for:

  • Maintaining the structure and exterior of your home
  • Your home’s main services
  • Communal areas

Generally, your responsibilities are:

  • Decorating the inside of your home
  • Keeping the inside and outside of your home clean
  • Fixing damage caused by members of your family and visitors
  • Some minor repairs

How quickly will you do my repair?

The priority we give your repair will depend on how urgent it is.

  • Emergencies – 24 hours
  • Urgent repairs – 5 working days
  • Routine repairs – 20 working days
  • Planned maintenance – 6 months

When you moved into your Saffron home …..

Your tenancy agreement and the Saffron Tenant Handbook sets out the rights and obligations of Saffron and its tenants in relation to repairs to your home.

Where a repair is not considered normal wear and tear, for example if damage has been caused by you, members of your household or visitors there is likely to be a charge. In most cases any charge would be payable in advance of the work being ordered but if the repair is covered by Right to Repair legislation or is in the home of a particularly vulnerable person we will make arrangements for you to pay after the work has been carried out.

For more information please Download our Recharge Booklet.

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