Mental Health Awareness Week 2020 – tips from our Mental Health First Aiders

Published: 21st May 2020

Looking after your mental health is important, and during this challenging time we need to consider our mental wellbeing more than ever.

It’s Mental Health Awareness Week (18th May – 24th May) and Sarah Foulger who is one of our Mental Health First Aiders shares some tips that she uses day to day. Sarah said: “Mental Health Awareness week has come at a significant time. Many of us are adapting to new and challenging routines and ways of life so taking care of ourselves and our wellbeing is essential.

“I have found having a routine and still getting ready for the day as normal helps – if slightly later than my usual 6:30am get up when I travel to work.”

You may be in a situation where you, or your partner has returned to work, which may create an imbalance in the household. Sarah said: “We have a 7-year-old to home school and while of course, I think this must be easier than 2, 3, 4+ children, it still presents its challenges during the working day. My husband has now returned to work which is going to present a new set of challenges with juggling working, schooling and homelife. I find having a timetable for school work is helpful and a shorter day than normal school days and Fridays off! But everyone is different and what works for me, doesn’t necessarily work for others.

“It’s important to deal with lockdown in a way that is best for you. Don’t put pressure on yourself to do everything to 100% and redecorate the whole house and revamp the garden at the same time as all of this, if you have the time, but don’t feel like it.

“Do what you can, when you can and make time for yourself to read or clear your mind, don’t watch too much news, have some fun time with your family if you are fortunate enough to be living together. Fresh air on a bike ride or a walk have been some of our greatest memories and stress releases during this time. Geocaching – like a treasure hunt has been great to make us explore new areas local to us.”