“I thought it was going to be difficult” – another success for Saffron House Exchange

Published: 2nd December 2019

Saffron is celebrating another satisfied customer who made use of the House Exchange scheme. The woman in her 30s moved from her existing Saffron home to a larger house and praised the simplicity of the House Exchange process.

“It was so easy; I thought it might be difficult, but it was a very swift move,” said the customer. “Saffron kept me updated throughout the process which was very reassuring.”

House Exchange is a free national service that Saffron is part of. It enables people who rent their home from housing associations or local authorities to mutually exchange their home with another tenant. It’s frequently used when people are relocating to another part of the country, or, as in this case, looking to change to a property of a different size.

The customer said: “We used to live in a two-bed bungalow and we were starting to outgrow it. My son has got to an age where he doesn’t want to share a bedroom with his sister anymore. They love the new house. They love their bedrooms and they have more space now. It’s also really helpful for when I’m studying. I need my space, and my bedroom is on the other side of the stairs, so I don’t hear them as much. I can study in the evening and they’ll be doing their own thing.”

“House Exchange is one of the ways we can offer our customers more choice and flexibility when it comes to their housing,” said Paula Tuck, Assistant Director for Customer Services at Saffron. “The House Exchange website can match you with other households across the UK and has a presence on a range of property and social media sites to further help your chances of finding a move.

“Schemes like House Exchange mean customers can be in the driving seat when it comes to determining their housing. It’s especially beneficial for anyone who might be classed as a low housing need on housing registers but needs to move.”

Our customer agrees and says her family already feels at home in her new house. “We had a nice garden in our previous place, but this one is even bigger, and I’m already planning what vegetables I’m going to grow in the garden next summer. I feel like I’ve been here for a long time already. I feel really settled.”