Butterfly Painting at The Meadows

Published: 24th April 2019

This year the Benjamin Foundation are celebrating their 25th anniversary and are taking this wonderful opportunity to generate even more awareness of the work they do as well as gaining much needed funds to help their great work continue.

The campaign is called Flight for Youth and Saffron are proud to be sponsoring this. The Benjamin Foundations plans are to produce up to 25,000 glazed pottery butterflies, which you will recognise as their well-known logo. These are available for people to buy but before this, all the butterflies will be used to create a dramatic and high-profile art installation for the public to enjoy.

The Benjamin Foundation are also selling the ceramic butterflies unpainted. Saffron purchases a few and took them along to one of the specialised scheme, The Meadows, for tenants to paint. It turned into a great craft afternoon with everyone painting and nattering away. Even those who wouldn’t normally get involved gave it a go and the end results of the butterflies were beautiful! Take a look at them in this short video below.