Development Information

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New Homes in Wymondham: 52.759800, -0.740550
New homes in Wymondham: 52.572100, 1.113310
New homes in Loddon: 52.534700, 1.475670
New Homes in Watton: 52.566700, 0.833330
New Homes in Shipdham: 52.628394, 0.894742
New Homes in Acle: 52.635300, 1.547310
New homes at Oulton Board: 52.486100, 1.706190


See where Saffron Housing Trust’s new homes will be and click the Home Options link on the pin if you wish to register for them. For more information on the developments please contact Hannah Beeslee on 01508 535669 or email

For more information about the Home Options Scheme and how to register for a home please click here.


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