On National Stress Awareness Day (Wednesday 6th November), Saffron is sharing information and providing support for staff to help them identify the signs of stress and better manage their wellbeing. Four Saffron employees have recently qualified as Mental Health First … Read more

As part of the Positive Future plan, Saffron wanted to give people the tools to critically examine the way we work. Being able to take a step back and evaluate our existing processes is crucial if we want to continually … Read more

After nine years serving on the Saffron Board of Directors, Peggie Phinn has recently retired. We spoke to her about her history with the organisation, the changes that she’s seen, and her hopes for the future of Saffron. What led … Read more

Saffron customer Bob Shields is celebrating almost 40 years of service as Chairman of the Taylor Road Residents’ Association in Diss. To recognise his long service and numerous contributions to the area, the Residents’ Association held a celebration event for … Read more

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