Rent Arrears and Debt Advice

Rent Arrears and Debt Advice

How much Rent do I owe?

To find out:

  • You can contact your Housing Officer (01508 532000)
  • Check your rent statement. log in to your account
  • If you are in arrears you will receive a letter from us unless the debt is very low

What if I am having problems paying my rent?

If you are experiencing difficulties paying your rent, contact us immediately and we will:

  • Make an agreement with you to pay off arrears
  • Help you to get advice on debt counselling or money management
  • Help you apply for housing benefit

You must:

Tell us if you are having problems, otherwise we can’t help you and we may commence legal action against you if there is no contact.

You may have other debts to pay but payment of rent should be your first priority.

What will happen if I don’t pay my rent?

We will:

  • Write to you to tell you that you are in arrears
  • Make an agreement for you to clear your arrears
  • Discuss any problems you are having in paying your rent
  • Monitor your account to ensure regular payments are received in future

Our rent arrears policy is fair but firm. Persistent arrears may lead to legal action being taken.

Debt Advice

Follow the download link below to read the Debt Advice Leaflet.

Citizens’ Advice

Norfolk Citizens Advice has Debt Advisers working with Saffron Housing Trust.

They are available from Monday to Friday each week.

They can be contacted by calling 01603 273123 or by email on  .



You can also get information and advice online, by phone and in person by calling 03444 111444 or via




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