About Your Rent

About Your Rent

Important information about your rent, how it is calculated and what is included.

Why is it important that I pay my rent?

You must pay your rent because the income we receive pays for the services we provide. If you do not pay you will be in breach of your tenancy conditions and you could lose your home as a result.

Who should pay the rent?

The tenant(s) must ensure the rent is paid. To be entitled to Housing Benefit, you must ensure that your application is properly completed, includes all the information required, that it has been received by your local Council’s Housing Benefits Team and has been processed. Without this, housing benefit will not be granted and you will have to pay full rent.

How your rent is calculated

Since April 2002 the rent for each property has been set in accordance with the Government’s ‘rent convergence’ policy. This aimed to ensure that by 2012 similar properties in similar areas had rents that were broadly the same. The target rent depends on three things:

  • The value of the property
  • Local average earnings
  • The property size

Rent for each property will have changed to meet the Government’s target rent by the year 2012. If you have a query relating to how your rent has been calculated please telephone the Rent Team on 01508 532041.

The full weekly rent (and any service charges payable) due at the start of your tenancy is shown in your tenancy agreement. In February each year, we will send you notification of your rent increase. We will give you at least one month’s notice of this increase. A list of rent payment dates for the following year will be provided each March.

Rent book

As an assured tenant, you are entitled to a ‘rent book’, which shows the amount of rent you have to pay, and other specified information. Your ‘rent book’ takes the form of a payment information sheet which you will receive once a year, usually in March.


We will send you rent account statements at least every six months. Statements are also available on request from our office and by logging onto the secure area of our website. If you have a question about your account balance, please contact your Area Housing Officer.

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