Water Saving Week 2018

Water week


This week is Water Saving Week so have a look at some top tips to help save water in your home.

Shower time – For every minute you cut out of your shower time you could save up to 7-8 litres of water(this does depend on the induvial shower flow-rate). Why not start by cutting 1 minute out?

Time for tea – We all love a cup of tea or coffee but make sure when you boil the kettle you only boil the water you need. Not only will it save water but it will be much quicker so you will save energy as well.

Let’s duel – If you have a dual flush on your toilet make sure you use it. This could save you 6 litres a day which is roughly the equivalent to 300 buckets of water a year.

Thirst-quencher – Instead of running your water tap until it is cold, to grab a refreshing glass of water, keep a jug of water in the fridge. Waiting for the tap to run cold can waste more than 10litres of tap water a day.

Teeth – Did you know that you shouldn’t rinse your toothbrush with water before you brush your teeth? It softens the bristles making it lets effective so only rinse your tooth brush with after after you have finished cleaning your teeth.

Bath time – When it comes to relaxing in the bath fill it 1 inch less than usual. On average this can save 5 litres of water and there is still enough water for your rubber duck. Another get tip is to re-use the bath water for plants in the garden.


Water week