Changes to our Feedback and Complaints Policy

We would like to inform all our tenants about some changes to Saffron’s Feedback and Complaints Policy which come in to force with immediate effect.

What’s changed?

Quite simply we have streamlined our policy by removing the stage 3 review panel process and making the policy a simple 3 step process.

All complaints will now be raised as stage 1 complaints with a 10 working day response time.

Customers who are dissatisfied with the stage 1 response can request, in writing, that their complaint is escalated to stage 2, which is now the final stage of our complaints process. Stage 2 escalations also have a 10 working day response time from the date we receive the escalation request.

If customers remain dissatisfied they can then take their complaint to the Housing Ombudsman.

Why have we done this?

To improve customer service when dealing with complaints by reducing the amount of time it takes to complete our complaints process, and provide our customers with a final resolution.

After careful analysis of all stage 3 complaints we have dealt with it became clear that the amount of time taken to resolve stage 3 complaints was excessive, leading to further delays in customer resolutions and the resulting poor service when dealing with customer complaints.

What this means to you:

Improved timescales for dealing with customers complaints and a simpler process for customers to follow to complete the complaints process.

Saffron have also introduced a Vexations and Unreasonable Complaints Policy which will operate alongside the revised Feedback and Complaints Policy.

They both can be found below and also on our policy page here.

If you wish for further information please contact us on 01508 532000 or email us at



Feedback and Complaints Policy

Unreasonable or Vexatious Complaints Policy