Please meet our new apprentices David and Joe who are pictured here alongside Nolan, one of our Service Engineers, who is currently training Joe. David has joined Saffron as an Electrician apprentice and Joe has joined as a Heating Engineer … Read more

Friday 1st September is Starts at Home day, celebrating a campaign led by the National Housing Federation. This was launched last year with the aim of ensuring that people who need extra support will always have a safe home that … Read more

Saffron Housing are very proud to be PlaceShapers August star builder! We are on track to deliver 445 homes in the next three years, part of 88,000 PlaceShapers will build by 2022. In the past two years Saffron have built … Read more

Since 2004, Saffron have gone from having 4,300 properties to now providing 6,146 homes by the end of July 2017. Saffron is proud of its commitment to provide more affordable homes for the people of East Anglia. Here is our current homes map for … Read more

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