We have shared previously in Saffron News that as from April, there will be a new-look interactive Saffron News which will be sent to you digitally. For you to receive this we need your email address, so if you are … Read more

 A press release from Norfolk County Council about the our Digital Buddies project,     Young people help the older generation get online and stay connected   Young people have been teaching the elderly new tricks in an exciting intergenerational project … Read more

We have changed our look! Saffron needed to update the materials used for durability and comfort and so have also taken this opportunity to change the colour of our workwear. You will now see our colleagues out and about in … Read more

Since 2004, Saffron has went from having 4,300 properties to providing over 6,000 homes by the end of 2016. Saffron is proud of its commitment to provide more affordable homes for the people of East Anglia.   Here is where … Read more

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